Update on Hurricane Matthew

Update on Hurricane Matthew

Dear Friends of C2C,

We wanted to update you about the safety of our staff and patients in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

The short-story is: we were lucky and everyone is safe. The southern peninsula of Haiti took the brunt of the storm and, fortunately, C2C’s operations are in the northern region. We took necessary precautions to close the Camp Coq clinic yesterday due to the unsafe conditions of the roads. The clinics have re-opened to patients today.

As friends of C2C – so many of you for many, many years – we want you to know that your support makes these clinics possible. Now, more than ever. Haitian families face grave health threats every day. The aftermath of a storm like Hurricane Matthew increases the risk of cholera spreading and waterborne diseases. Vulnerable families become more vulnerable when crops are destroyed, food security is threatened, and economic activity is compromised.

Even though C2C’s partner communities were spared the force of the storm, we are reminded of why resilient health systems are so important. Healthy people can endure and rebuild after set-backs because they can build upon a healthy foundation. That is the heart of C2C’s work: supporting good health and building resiliency.

Thank you for your concern and, always, for your support.


Sources: National Weather Service

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