Care 2 Communities saves lives

We bring affordable, sustainable primary health care to communities in the developing world

Our vision is a world where families no longer suffer from poor health due to lack of access to health care services.

Timeline graphicC2C was founded by Elizabeth Sheehan, a physician’s assistant who worked in the developing world for more than 10 years. She saw women and children dying, and families falling apart, simply because they had no access to care.

When she returned home to the Boston area, she decided she needed to act to address this critical need.

Elizabeth consulted with health and development experts to explore innovative solutions, and came up with a concept: convert the surplus of used shipping containers around the world into clinics. Further, ensure these clinics provide comprehensive primary care and education closer to where women and children live. Offer quality pharmaceuticals and a lab where patients can get accurate results and diagnoses on-site. Hire talented local clinicians who are a part of the communities in which they work. Build a strong supply chain and efficient operations so the clinics are open to serve families every day.

These ideas sound simple, and it’s what you might expect to see in health care. However, the model Elizabeth and her team have created differs significantly from the norm in the developing world.

She refused to accept status quo, instead combining quality services and innovative design. Since she founded the organization, C2C has opened three clinics – two in Haiti and one in Namibia – and served more than 15,000 women and their families.

In the coming years, with support from donors, advisors, and ambassadors, C2C will replicate its success – creating a network of clinics that will serve more than 125,000 patients by 2018.