There is an extraordinary diversity and quality in the literature regarding the global health challenges we face and the current and potential strategies available to respond.  Maternal and Child Health draw particular attention because of the frustratingly high moral, social, personal and economic costs of failing to provide adequate basic care.

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Broad Perspective

Integrated Innovation, Grand Challenges Canada: Bold Ideas for Humanity, September 2010

Clearly, global health is a complex challenge.  Integrated Innovation argues that scientific and technological innovations “have a greater chance of going to scale and achieving global impact” in conjunction with appropriate social and business innovations.

A Reporter’s Guide to U.S. Global Health Policy, Kaiser Family Foundation, March 2010

While nominally for journalists, this is a helpful guide to anyone seeking a broad overview of global health and related issues.

Report to Congress: Health-Related Research and Development Activities, USAID, October 2010

A USAID summary of research on emerging health threats throughout the world, including an emphasis on maternal and newborn health.

Report of the CSIS Commission on Smart Global Health Policy, 2010

The Center for Strategic and International Studies describes itself as bi-partisan, non-profit.  It engaged two dozen diverse experts to explore realistic goals and policies for global health in 2025.

Strengthening sub-Saharan Africa’s Health Systems: A Practical Approach, June 2010

This is one of a series of McKinsey Quarterly (McKinsey & Company) reports on global health and specifically Africa.  This article focuses on barriers that “impede health care delivery in the region” and comprehensive approaches to improving national health systems.

Gender Equality in Health: Improving Equality & Efficiency in Achieving Health for All, (by Pan American Health Organization/WHO)

Discussion of integrating a gender perspective in health analysis, as well as a general overview of determinants of health and the definition of gender.

Maternal and Child Health

Saving Newborn Lives.  The Maternal-Newborn-Child Health Continuum of Care, March 2006

Describes the maternal-child continuum for delivering comprehensive care, a model that C2C has adopted.

Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health, 2010

Defines strategies necessary to improve essential health services for women and children.

Countdown to 2015 Decade Report (2000-2010): Taking Stock of Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival, WHO and UNICEF 2010

Progress toward Millennium Development Goals 4 (reduce child mortality) and 5 (improve maternal health) are documented.

Women’s and Children’s Health: Needs and Challenges.  The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn  and Child Health, July 2011

A two-page summary of statistics, models and interventions.

Progress Toward Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health.  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, October 2009

Summary of global progress in improving health and saving lives.

Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health – Strategy Overview.  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, November 2009

Defines the mission of the iconic foundation and its strategies

The Consequences of Maternal Morbidity and Maternal Mortality: Report of a Workshop, 2000

Perspectives from experts assembled by the Committee on Population of the National Research Council, part of the National Academy of Sciences.  (You’ll need to jump through a couple of extra clicks to download this document as a guest.)

Saving Newborn Lives in Nigeria: Newborn Health in the context of the Integrated Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Strategy.  Federal Ministry of Health, Revised 2nd edition, 2011

Comprehensive report on delivering survival interventions for newborn health in Nigeria.

Maternal Health Task Force:  This group based at Harvard University has a terrific website where organizations can connect, stay apprised of recent research and news and access a robust library of statistics and resources.

Every Mother Counts: One of the most active and prominent advocacy groups in global maternal health.


PATH’s Guiding Principles for Private-Sector Collaboration.

The Seattle-based non-profit pursues solutions for addressing poor health.  In this document, it describes how it works with the private sector.


Development and Health

Water, Health, and Income: A review.  International Food Policy Research Institute, 1997

This paper examines the relationship of hygienic access to water to health and income.

Issues in Maternal-Newborn Health and Poverty.  WHO, 2006

A series of three research studies on the economic and social effects of maternal and newborn ill-health.

The Business of Health in Africa.  International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group,

Report focused on the role of the private sector in the financing and provision of health care in Sub-Saharan Africa with an agenda for improvement.

Health is Wealth, Sandra Lawson and Douglas Gilman

An examination of the six mpst cost-effective health-related investments that will improve global welfare.  Powerful economic analysis establishes the rationale to invest in maternal health.

Girls Grow: A Vital Force in Rural Economies

Examines the effect of empowering girls in rural communities, highlighting the role girls play in lifting families out of poverty.  Includes action items, such as “provide rural adolescent girls with comprehensive health information and services”.

Health of Women and Men in the Americas- Profile 2009 (PAHO/WHO)

Report of health outcomes and statistics for women and men in the Americas; includes comprehensive section on reproductive health and access to services.