Care 2 Communities saves lives

We bring affordable, sustainable primary health care to communities in the developing world

Proven Primary Care


C2C delivers every day on our promise of high-quality, affordable, reliable primary care services. We hire clinicians from the area to help prevent and treat common causes of premature death such as pneumonia, diabetes, parasites, and anemia. Patients can access everything they need in one location: consultations, lab diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals.

Why do we focus on primary care? According to the World Bank, primary care “brings the greatest benefits to the health of families and communities.” This means that mothers are able to care for their children, children stay in school, and the entire community benefits economically from a healthy workforce.

C2C also believes in the power of free community health education to prevent disease, disability, and premature death. Through Community Health Workers (CHWs) based at each clinic location, the organization has offered more than 500 free health education sessions that have been attended by more than 2,000 women. Our CHWs have visited more than 3,500 families in their homes to offer education and follow-up to patients to ensure they are getting well.