Ugandan Women Protest Maternal Mortality

At C2C, we regularly see news stories, blog posts, and personal narratives that remind us how important basic health care to ensure safe childbirth.  Recently, the Boston Globe reported on a story that has been circulating around the world of international development.  Ugandan women, fed up with their country’s staggering maternal mortality rate, have petitioned the Supreme Court “to declare that women’s rights are violated  when they die in childbirth”.  If successful, this tactic would put pressure on the government to address the dire health statistics facing young women.  According to the article, 16 Ugandan women die each day in childbirth, creating tremendous fear for pregnant women during a time in their lives which should be full of joy.  We’ll be following this story closely, and hope the news coverage creates a push toward greater access to health care for all Ugandans.

This entry was posted on by Allison Howard-Berry.