• Primary care is what we do here at C2C

    Primary Care is at the center of what we do

  • Our on-site services make it easier for patients to receive the care they need

    Our on-site services make it easier for patients to receive the care they need

  • Community Health Workers take C2C's mission to the communities we serve

    Our Community Health Program is an extension of C2C's clinical services

Delivering High-Quality, Sustainable Health Care to the People of Haiti

Healthcare for all, close to home.
All families deserve high-quality, reliable care that helps them to get well and stay healthy. Health is the cornerstone of family and civic life, education, and economic productivity.

Care 2 Communities is different. Over the last decade, C2C has worked to strengthen the health system in Haiti. Our model for community-based healthcare delivers results for under-resourced communities. We provide high-quality, affordable, patient-centered care through a social enterprise clinic model that begins to financially sustain itself over time, ensuring that people get the health care they need today and in perpetuity. We serve a population of more than 250,000 people, treat over 50,000 patients every year in our clinics and over 11,000 patients at home through community health screenings, vaccinations, and public health education campaigns.


Our Impact


Community Clinics

We've grown our clinic network from 2 to 7 clinics as part of our public-private partnership.


Monthly Visits

Our patients visits increased from 500 to 3,600 patients visits per month.


Patient Satisfaction

Most of our patients report being highly satisfied with the C2C care experience.

Transforming Health Systems in Haiti.

In a landscape of under-resourced clinics, C2C sets itself apart with a commitment to the highest standard of care. We believe that primary care services in Haiti can and should be reliable, affordable, and local. We are building a well-resourced, sustainable health system. Through a public-private partnership with Haiti’s government, we rehabilitate public clinics that are under-resourced and give them a new life as thriving, community-based clinics by offering a “one-stop-shop” experience. Patients see a doctor, get lab work done, and pick up their prescriptions all-in-one visit.

News & Updates

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Joyce Bassil Zerka • July 9, 2021

We’re proud to partner with the Pandemic Action Network on World Mask Week 2021. This social-led initiative will begin on Monday, July 12 and conclude on Sunday, July 18.  World Mask Week is a global movement to emphasize the importance of continued masking as we get closer to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic and […]

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