C2C operates community-based, primary care clinics through a social enterprise model, offering curative and preventive care at an efficient ‘one-stop- shop’ facility. In a landscape of under-resourced, low-quality clinics, C2C sets itself apart with a commitment to the highest standard of care. We have three central goals:

  • To guarantee that poor families are able to access to high-quality health services
  • To improve health outcomes for local communities by treating illness, preventing disease, and addressing the most urgent local health threats
  • To create viable social businesses that ensure health services to a community in perpetuity

To accomplish these goals, C2C implements the following best practices:

  • Efficient Operations: C2C clinics are staffed by a 7-person Haitian clinical team – 1 physician, 2 nurses, a laboratory technician, and 3 Community Health Workers (CHWs) – and our on-site pharmacies and labs ensure timely, accurate diagnosis and treatment. Patient data is tracked through a customized electronic medical record system and each patient visit is guided by quality-assurance protocols.
  • Specialty Programs: In addition to core primary care services, C2C provides specialized care for pregnant women and children. Women and children <5 are uniquely vulnerable to health threats and we believe that subsidized care should be provided to these at-risk patients. We therefore offer comprehensive antenatal care and malnutrition services at no cost.
  • Community Health: Preventive health education is central to our effort – giving families the tools and information they need to stay healthy. Our CHWs visit households, convene weekly health screenings, and work with schools to promote healthy behaviors, nutrition, and vaccination coverage.
  • Financial Sustainability: We leverage philanthropic capital to fund start-up costs and revenue shortfalls until patient fees support clinic operations (within 4-6 years). Haitians already pay for health care at public facilities; C2C offers lower prices and better value for hard-working, low-income people.
  • Government Collaboration: C2C advances the national priority health programs of the Haitian Ministry of Health by providing free childhood immunizations and family planning services. We work closely with the Ministry to monitor population health and we ensure access to essential health commodities for our patients by coordinating our core supply chain with the government’s supply chain.
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