Care 2 Communities (C2C) is innovating a community-based, social enterprise clinic network that delivers reliable, affordable, high-quality primary care through a public-private partnership in Haiti. We are treating and preventing illness and proving that low user fees can sustain clinic operations over time, even in very impoverished and remote areas of the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation. We believe that our model, developed in partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health, can transform the lives of vulnerable people by providing curative care, promoting good health, and ensuring sustainable access to high-quality care where there was little or none before.

We have three central goals:

  • To ensure that communities and families most in need are able to access high-quality health services
  • To improve health outcomes for local communities by treating illness, preventing disease, and addressing the most urgent local health threats
  • To create viable social businesses that ensure health services to a community in perpetuity

To accomplish these goals, C2C combines a set of ingredients into one holistic model:

  1. Public-Private Partnership (PPP): In 2018, C2C formalized a public-private partnership with Haiti’s Ministry of Health to enhance patient outcomes in Northern Haiti by improving the infrastructure, service quality, and operational excellence of underperforming government clinics. Our initial results from the first integrated PPP clinic have shown significant improvements (50% increase in patient volume, 40% increase in Quality score, 300% increase in availability of medicines, 25% reduction in price of medicines, and 66% increase in lab capacity).
  2. “One-Stop-Shop”: Each C2C clinic provides holistic, comprehensive services by combining high-quality care through doctor and nurse consultations, on-site, fully-stocked pharmacies, and on-site laboratory testing all under one roof.
  3. Specialty Services:  In addition to our “one-stop-shop” primary care, C2C provides comprehensive maternal health services and education, reproductive health and family planning services, and childhood malnutrition treatment.
  4. Community Health: Preventive health education is central to our effort – giving families the tools and information they need to stay healthy. Our Community Health Workers (CHWs) visit households to educate and raise awareness, follow up with patients, convene weekly health screenings, and work with communities to promote healthy behaviors, nutrition, and vaccination coverage.
  5. Local Supply Chain: C2C has established a procurement system that locally sources medicines, supplies, and equipment wherever possible, improving efficiency and ensuring that our clinics function as sustainable social businesses in the broader healthcare landscape, thereby bolstering the local economy.
  6. Locally Hired & Trained Staff: 95% of our 50+ staff are located in Haiti. Our local clinical staff live in the communities that they serve.
  7. Electronic Medical Records: All C2C clinics are equipped with electronic medical record systems which allow our staff to access medical history for repeat patients, facilitate communication between doctors, lab technicians, and pharmacists, and improve efficiency.
  8. Financial Sustainability: C2C combines revenue from below-market patient fees with philanthropic support and government support to ensure long-term sustainability of our clinics. Haitians already pay for healthcare at public facilities; C2C offers lower prices and better value and we have reached 80%+ average unit cost recovery from patient fees at each clinic.