Our Team


Racha Yehia  Interim Country Director

Racha has a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science with a minor in international development from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. After finishing her degree, she worked on various nutrition projects in the Philippines and Burkina Faso. For the past six years, Racha has been living and working in the north of Haiti. For the first two years, she worked with one of C2C’s partners, Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) that produces a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food to combat malnutrition. During her time with MFK, she managed the nutrition department where she helped more than 20 organizations start malnutrition programs all over Haiti. She also facilitated the launch of several prenatal supplementation programs. Thanks to Racha’s tremendous efforts over the last 4 years at C2C, the organization grew from having 2 to 7 clinics. Racha’s leadership in various aspects of C2C functions such as managing renovations, implementing new systems/programs, training and managing daily operations, has marked improvement and increased efficiency on the ground. With her solid understanding of Haitian culture and customs as well as her years of experience, Racha is able to better determine what is practical and feasible when it comes to international development in Haiti.

Dr. Samuel Bernard Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Bernard completed his medical degree at the Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie of the State University in 2009 and studied Health Services Management in a partnership between the State University and Montreal University. In 2010, right after his residency, he was in charge of a satellite clinic of St Boniface Hospital in Cotes-de-fer. He managed nutrition, health and AIDS/HIV programs at SBHF funded by UNICEF, CDC, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, and the Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB). He received an award from CMMB for excellence in program management. Shortly after, he became St. Boniface Hospital’s Medical Director in October 2015. Dr. Bernard has received leadership training from Physicians 4 Haiti (now EqualHealth) and is a current fellow of Medical Education at Harvard Macy’s institute.

Dr. Wilnick Richard Senior Doctor

Dr. Richard obtained his diploma at the faculty of medicine at the state university of Haiti in 2014. He completed his residency at the Hope Health Action Hospital and was then hired as a doctor in the emergency ward. He also worked at the Port-Margot health center as the medical director and site manager. Dr. Richard manages our social service resident program and also sees patients two days per week at our Cité Chauvel clinic.

Catherine Guillou-Ouellette Director of Monitoring & Evaluation

Catherine has worked for more than five years in Haiti. Before joining C2C, she was an internship coordinator at the Haitian American Caucus in Croix des Bouquets. She has recently received her MPH, with a concentration in global health from the University of Montreal in Canada. During her studies, Catherine focused her work on better understanding contraception use in women in Haiti. She is dedicated to women’s health in developing countries. Previous to her work in Haiti, she has worked for 5 years in psychology and health-related research, particularly in suicide prevention.

Joyce Bassil Zerka Operations & Communications Manager

Joyce has more than five years of experience as a congressional aide for the federal government, working in program and grant management, foreign affairs, as well as agency casework and government relations. She began her career in global health and international development as a program assistant with the United Nations Association to develop innovative programs, initiatives, events, and communications that raise awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals. Joyce received a bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies from the University of California Irvine and a Masters in Public Affairs and Strategic Communication from American University.


Amanda Fata Development Coordinator

Amanda is a graduate of Lesley University in Cambridge, MA where she received a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies. During her studies, she pursued her interests in global health and international development through her coursework as well as internships with various nonprofits, including Kupenda for the Children, an organization that provides medical intervention, education, and advocacy for children with disabilities in Kenya. She also studied abroad in Tanzania and Spain.

Kasseem Joe Chery Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Kasseem Joe is from Port au Prince and studied economics and statistics at the Centre de Techniques de Planification et d’Economie Appliquée (CTPEA), a university founded under the supervision of the Ministry of Planning and external cooperation. It trains middle and senior managers for public administration. After graduating, Kasseem started working in monitoring and evaluation for Fonkoze’s Pathway to a Better Life project to decrease poverty in women. Shortly after, he became a consultant for several NGOs and worked on national projects such as the census. Kasseem Joe Chery joins C2C with the goal of bringing a significant contribution to our monitoring and evaluation process.

Kettia Charles Logistics Assistant

Kettia received a degree in accounting in 2005 and a law degree in 2009. She worked for three years to promote human rights in and around Cap-Haitien. She later worked for one of the biggest hospitals in Cap-Haitien called, Hope Health Action Hospital (HHA), for four years as the logistics manager. At C2C, she is responsible for managing procurement for all clinics and plays a big role in supporting the managerial team in Haiti.

Herlande Duvot Nurse, Cité Chauvel, Haiti Clinic

Herlande is a qualified nurse who completed her Bachelor of Nursing degree at the School of Nursing, Our Lady of Wisdom (EINDS), in Cap-Haitien, Haiti in 2010. She has completed post-graduate training in many topics, including HIV/AIDS, diabetes care, infectious disease, and blood transfusion safety. Nurse Herlande has worked at a number of hospitals and clinics across the northern region since 2007 and has gained notable skills in managing malnutrition programs, caring for people with cholera, and in health education and hygiene promotion.

Nathalie Pierre Nurse, Acul du Nord, Haiti Clinic

Nathalie studied nursing at Roi Henri Christophe University in Cap Haitian from 2010 to 2014. During her last year of studies, she was named peer student instructor for the new students starting their nursing studies. Before starting her career in nursing, Nathalie Pierre worked for many years in administration, where she worked in different businesses (shops, hotels, etc.) and at the department of tourism of Northen Haiti.

Cassandra Gueriné  Nurse, Camp Coq, Haiti Clinic

Cassandra studied nursing at Université Roi Henri Christophe in Cap Haitian from 2010 to 2014. After her studies she worked as a nurse at the health center of Limonade outside of Cap Haitian in different department. She has experience in HIV management, maternity, and vaccination. Later she worked at the RJP-GRAP clinic in Limonade where she was trained in cervical cancer screening.

Lannelle Jean Louis  Nurse, Camp Coq, Haiti Clinic

Lannelle studied nursing at Haiti Paramedical Center in Port au Prince from 2011 to 2015 where she received her diploma and license to practice nursing. After graduating, she worked at the LaFosette health center where she gained experience pediatric and prenatal care. Lannelle Jean Louis works at registration in Camp Coq and is also responsible for vaccination and family planning.

Magarette Rock  Nurse, Bayeux, Haiti Clinic

Magarette is the head nurse at our Bayeux clinic. She completed her studies as auxiliary nurse in Cap-Haitien and has been working at the Bayeux clinic for over 30 years, long prior to our partnership with the Ministry of Health. She manages all clinical programs such as vaccination, malnutrition, malaria and tuberculosis. Before C2C’s management of the clinic, Magarette wore many hats as she was also responsible for all consultations, accounting, and procurement. After re-opening the clinic and the placement of a new doctor and clinic support staff, Magarette can now focus more of her time on the clinical programs and connecting with the community she has loyally served for decades.

Marie-Carmelle Mervil  Pharmacy Nurse, Sinek, Haiti Clinic

Carmelle graduated as an auxiliary nurse from the Dominican Republic in 2007. She then returned to Haiti to begin working at the Sinek clinic. She has worked at the clinic for the past 11 years. She played a big role during Sinek’s re-opening transformation. Although she lives far from the clinic and her commute is long, Sinek has a special place in her heart since it is her birthplace.

Fabiola Eyma  Pharmacy Nurse, Bayeux, Haiti Clinic

Fabiola graduated from nursing school at “Instutit des Hautes Étude Paramedicale d’Haiti.” She lives in Port-Margot, a community bordering Bayeux, with her husband and daughter. After graduating, she managed the malnutrition program at Grande-Rivière Hospital. She currently manages the pharmacy at Bayeux which allows her to be much closer to home.

Sarbine Jean Baptiste  Pharmacy Nurse, Roche Plate, Haiti Clinic

Sarbine was born in Cap Haitian but lived all my life in Trou du Nord. She studied nursing at DBTEC (Don Bosco Polytechnic University) in Fort Liberté in the Northeast Department of Haiti and graduated in 2010. After graduating, she worked with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) for Cholera and later in the maternity wing at the hospital in Trou-du-Nord. Most recently, she worked as a nurse in the Pillette Health Center before joining the C2C Team in Roche Plate.

Monique Belice  Registration Nurse, Acul du Nord, Haiti Clinic

Monique graduated from Justinien University Hospital with a nursing degree. She first began working for C2C as a replacement nurse by filling in for staff at the pharmacy and registration for all C2C clinics. When the opportunity arose, we were happy to offer Monique a full-time role as the registration nurse in our Acul du Nord clinic.

Daniella Chrysostome  Registration Nurse, Sinek, Haiti Clinic

Daniella is born, raised, and currently lives in the Sinek community. She has worked at the Sinek clinic since 2007, when Sinek was still a public clinic. She began working in the pharmacy, dispensing medications, but she currently takes care of registering the patients. Prior to working at the Sinek clinic, she was an elementary school teacher.

Rose-Marie Bissainthe Meleance  Registration Nurse, Bayeux, Haiti Clinic

Rose-Marie was born in Bayeux and has lived there all of her life. She is married, has two kids, and recently became a grandmother. She has been working at the clinic for 28 years. Prior to the re-opening of the clinic, she was in charge of managing the pharmacy transactions, but has recently taken on the role of registration nurse to provide a continuation of service for those who are familiar with her years of service to the community.

Marie Etienne Laboratory Technician, Camp Coq, Haiti Clinic

Marie studied at the National School of Medical Technology in Cap-Haitien, and is licensed in medical technology.  Prior to joining the C2C team, she worked with International Child Care, and at the Bon Samaritain Hospital in Limbe, Haiti.

Maudline Jean Laboratory Technician, Acul du Nord, Haiti Clinic

Maudline earned her license from the National School of Medical Technology in Cap-Haitien, and her diploma in Administrative Science and Business from the Adventist University of Haiti.  Before joining the C2C team, she was a technician for the integrated biological and behavioral surveillance survey with PSI / Haiti, and was a laboratory technician at the Baptist Hospital of Haiti.

Myreille Alfred Laboratory Technician, Cité Chauvel, Haiti Clinic

Myreille has been a laboratory technician for C2C since February 2016. She graduated from the Laboratory medical school in Cap-Haitian in 2006. For the past 10 years, she’s worked in different labs in Cap-Haitien, like Bon Secours Laboratory, Dash Hospital, Hope Health Action Hospital and Compassion International.

Titus Abel Laboratory Technician, Cité Chauvel, Haiti Clinic

Mr. Abel has over 15 years of experience as a lab technician. He studied at the National School of Medical Technology in Cap Haitian. Prior to joining C2C, Titus Abel worked at the lab of the Sacre Coeur Hospital in Milot for more than 10 years. He also teaches at the Institut Polytechnique du Cap Haïtien.

Fredeline Etienne Laboratory Technician, Bayeux, Haiti Clinic

Fredeline obtained her degree as medical lab technician from Justinien University Hospital in Cap-Haitien. She also lives in Cap-Haitien with her husband and her four kids. She worked for three years at
Gonaives hospital as the head of the lab. She first joined C2C she has as a replacement lab tech for all C2C clinics. Since the re-opening of the Bayeux clinic, she has assumed the permanent role of lab tech there.

Michel Joseph Yves Gaëlle Laboratory Technician, Roche Plate, Haiti Clinic

Michel Joseph completed all her studies in Jeremie and graduated as a lab tech in 2011. Shortly after, she moved with her husband to Trou-du-Nord and have worked at the hospital of Trou du Nord for 2 years. She then worked at the Roche-Plate public clinic as a lab tech for 6 years before it was rehabilitated by C2C and now continues to run the lab at the renovated clinic site.

Julienne Jean Noël Auxiliary Nurse, Cité Chauvel, Haiti Clinic

Julienne received her auxiliary nursing degree from the Institute Chrétienne Siloé in Port-au-Princehis. Since then, she has worked at the Espérance de Pilate Hospital.  She has received additional certification through USAID’s CHAMP program, and UNICEF’s training on management of severe acute malnutrition without complications.

Eliacin Marie Niquette Auxiliary Nurse, Roche Plate, Haiti Clinic

Eliacin comes from Malfety near Fort Liberté. She received her degree in Fort Liberté and has worked at the Roche Plate health center for 8 years before it was rehabilitated by C2C, and now continues to serve the community as an auxiliary nurse at the clinic.

Margalie Dorsainvil Auxiliary Nurse, Roche Plate, Haiti Clinic

Margalie comes from Trou du Nord, where she also studied auxiliairy nursing. She worked in the Trou du Nord Hospital for 5 years. She started working at the Roche Plate health center for 11 years before it was rehabilitated by C2C and now continues to serve the community as an auxiliary nurse at the clinic.

Jorane Pierre Community Health Worker, Camp Coq, Haiti Clinic

Jorane helps C2C build its relationship with the families of Camp Coq.  As a CHW, she takes part in general door-to-door outreach, and in-home patient follow ups.  Her experience volunteering with the Ministry of Health during their immunization campaigns, and her passion for caring for children, make her an asset to both C2C and the community.

Rodenay Joachim Community Health Worker, Acul du Nord, Haiti Clinic

Rodenay’s knowledge of the Acul du Nord community comes from working with a variety of government and NGO programs.  He was Head of Communications for Civil Protection in Acul du Nord, and Vice-Coordinator for the Organization for the development of Acul du Nord.  In the NGO field, he served as a rescuer for the Red Cross, and as an Investigator for OXFAM, and IHSI.

Viviane Henry Community Health WorkerCité Chauvel, Haiti Clinic

Viviane is a trained Health Officer, having received her certification from the School for Training Community Health Agents.  She speaks Creole, French, English, and Spanish.  Ms. Henry previously worked on a State run tetanus vaccination program, and volunteered on World Vision campaigns.

Cherlande Pierre Community Health WorkerSinek, Haiti Clinic

Cherlande is originally from the Sinek community. After completing her secondary education, she moved to Cap-Haitian where she was trained as a nurse at University Christian Academy of Haiti. She graduated in 2017. She began working at the Sinek clinic a few months before the re-opening.

Monique St-Vil  Maternal Health Agent, Acul du Nord, Haiti Clinic

Monique studied nursing at Université Académie Chrétienne d’Haïti which is affiliated with the One Mission Society Church. She graduated in 2016 and worked in Monbin Crochu where she would walk far into the mountains to conduct community education and screenings.

Dr. Viviane Sergile Doctor, Acul du Nord, Haiti Clinic

Dr. Sergile studied medicine at ELAM (Escuela Latino Americana) in Cuba. She did her social service at Hopital Convention Baptiste in Quartier Morin outside of Cap Haitian. She then specialized in family medicine at the Hospital Grande Rivière du Nord with the “Brigade de Coopération Cubano-Haitienne En Haïti”.