Where we work

C2C operates a clinic network in the northern region of Haiti and currently has 7 operational clinic sites serving a catchment area of over 250,000 people.

A C2C clinic is a high-quality health facility where families can get all the care they need at our “One-Stop-Shop” Model. At each clinic site, we offer consultation with a doctor, a fully stocked on-site pharmacy with pharmaceuticals guaranteed to be in stock, a well-equipped on-site diagnostics lab, and a clinical team of nurses, lab techs and community health workers.

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Camp Coq Clinic

Opened in 2013, the Camp Coq Clinic is C2C's oldest clinic site. Camp Coq is a rural community located about an hour and a half southwest of Cap-Haitien by car. By tap-tap (Haitian shared taxi) or bus, it takes much longer. There are about 20,000 people in the community, and the C2C clinic offers the only doctor for many miles. This clinic provides high-quality primary care for families, as well as maternal health services for expectant mothers and their babies.

Acul du Nord

Acul du Nord is a rural community located about forty-five minutes southwest of Cap-Haitien by car. There are about 50,000 people in the community. The Acul du Nord Clinic opened in May 2015 to provide families access to high-quality primary care, as well as maternal health services for expectant mothers and their babies.

Cap Haitien

Opened in April 2017, the Cap Haitien Clinic is our busiest clinic. Located in the only peri-urban community we serve, Cap Haitien (Haiti’s “second city”) has vibrant economic activity and a dense mix of residential and commercial buildings. Residents of Cap Haitien do have access to local, low-cost government options, but they like that C2C offers them high-quality primary care at our clinic.


Opened in April 2018, Sinek is C2C's first official rehabilitated public clinic site after our formalized Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with Haiti's Ministry of Health. We knew Sinek was the right place to start, considering the clinic wasn’t fully functional. Sinek patients have welcomed C2C with open arms and are happy that the clinic is clean, safe, professional, and trustworthy. This was a successful start to the partnership, giving Haiti's government hope that replication in other communities is possible and on a path to transforming healthcare in Haiti.


Opened in December 2018, Bayeux is C2C's second official clinic site as part of our expanding Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with the Haitian Ministry of Health. It’s a relatively isolated rural community of 10,000-15,000 people to the west of Cap Haitien, about 2.5 hours by car. This newly upgraded clinic re-opened its doors to treat vulnerable families who live or work in Bayeux and its surrounding communities.


Opened in May 2019, Savanette is C2C's most rural clinic site in Haiti's North Department. Savanette is 5 to 10 minutes from Pignon by moto and approximately 4 to 5 hours from Cap-Haitian. It is located on the National Road #3 but is a little isolated because the nearest households are approximately 500 meters away. The clinic serves approximately 13,000 people and is the third rehabilitated clinic site as part of the C2C-Ministry of Health Public-Private Partnership.

Roche Plate

Opened in February 2020, Roche Plate is our first official clinic site in Haiti's Northeast Department. Roche Plate is a communal section of Trou-du-Nord, at approximately 80 minutes from Cap-Haitien. The clinic serves approximately 13,750 people and is the first clinic site as part of C2C's Public-Private Partnership with the Northeast Department's Ministry of Health.