How does C2C define success? We regularly measure and evaluate clinic performance to ensure we achieve our primary goal: to provide the best possible services to patients.

Our metrics below include social impact indicators meant to define and measure the impact we have on the families we serve. They also include standardized operational metrics developed by the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), an organization dedicated to supporting transparency and credibility in impact measurement.

Our clinicians and Community Health Workers (CHWs) use an electronic medical records system customized for C2C and optimized for use in the developing world. The system was created by VecnaCares, a Cambridge-based organization that specializes in technology to support health systems in underserved areas.

C2C is able to track the medical histories of thousands of patients, giving us the opportunity to make more effective clinical decisions, better track follow-up care, build strong long-term relationships with our patients, and spot community health trends that warrant attention. Noticeable trends will lead to tailored health education sessions and home visits by C2C’s CHWs.

Indicator Supports Mission Element Type Calculation Frequency
Local Revenue to Operating Expense Sustainability % Ratio Earned revenue/ Total Clinical Operating Expense Quarterly
Clinic Availability Reliability & Convenience % Ratio Clinic Operating Days/Total Possible Work Days Quarterly
Customer Savings Reliability & Convenience % Ratio Average per visit savings (travel +opportunity cost) x # of patient visits in reporting period (aggregate) Quarterly
Patient Follow-Up Quality % Ratio # of patient visits receiving f/u communications/# of patient visits in reporting period Quarterly
Customer Retention Quality % Ratio # of returning patients/# of total patients in reporting period Quarterly
Patient Satisfaction Quality % Ratio # of survey respondents who report satisfactory or above/total # of survey respondents Semi-annually