In Haiti, C2C works with the Ministry of Health to increase access to the Ministry’s priority programs: Childhood Immunizations and Family Planning. We have enrolled more than 5,000 women in the country’s family planning program, and provide all Ministry priority program services free to patients. We also provide the Ministry with important information on community health trends, which helps guide Ministry decisions on future priority programs.

Ministry of Health Haiti

C2C partners with Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) to treat malnutrition with RUTF – Ready To Use Therapeutic Food – to treat malnutrition in children. Sometimes called “miracle peanut butter,” RUTF in Haiti is called Medika Mamba, and is considered the gold standard for treating malnutrition by the World Health Organization. MFK produces Medika Mamba locally, building the economy and training Haitian peanut farmers. C2C’s nurses and Community Health Workers are using Medika Mamba to screen and treat malnourished children.

Meds & Food for Kids

Direct Relief works to improve the health of people living in high-need areas by strengthening fragile health systems and increasing access to quality health care around the world. To achieve this goal in Haiti, C2C partners with Direct Relief to deliver medicine, medical supplies and equipment through transparent, reliable, and cost-effective channels. This partnership is dedicated to improve the health and welfare for the population of Haiti while preventing and treating disease and to promote the delivery of quality health services.

Direct Relief

Vitamin Angels works to combat malnutrition by connecting at-risk communities with nutritional support. Through our partnership, we are able to provide life changing vitamins and minerals to pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children under five. To support these populations, Vitamin Angels supply our clinics with Vitamin A to save lives and reduce illness, Albendazole to reduce the burden of worms and improve micronutrient status, and multivitamins for pregnant & breastfeeding women to support fetal growth and thereby reduce neonatal and infant mortality.

Vitamin Angels helps at-risk populations in need-specifically pregnant women, new mothers, and children under five-gain access to lifesaving and life changing vitamins and minerals. Vitamin Angels works to reach underserved communities in partnership with over 700 NGOs in almost every U.S. state and more than 50 countries around the world. (PRNewsFoto/Vitamin Angels)

In 2019, C2C was selected to join the Innovations in Healthcare Network Cohort. This highly-selective group, hosted by Duke University, supports C2C’s scale and impact by providing resources necessary to expand our work and access to affordable, quality healthcare. Innovations in Healthcare aims to improve healthcare on a global scale by focusing on promising innovators from around the world and working with them to find new ways in which they can expand to the next stage in their development. As a participant, C2C takes an active roll in the cohort by attending the Annual Forum and in-country meetings, as well as working with our peers to share experiences, performance data, and news so that all of the innovators can learn and grow.