Our Vision:

Our vision is a world where vulnerable families have access to sustainable, high-quality health care services

Our History:

C2C was founded on a simple, powerful premise: that access to healthcare is the foundation of all efforts to lift poor people out of poverty. Sick people cannot attend school; they cannot be economically productive; they cannot engage in family and civic life; they cannot raise children or care for the elderly. Millions of people suffer from preventable disease and disability — and for lack of a functional, reliable, well-resourced health clinic to help them get well and stay healthy.

C2C’s co-founders knew that a high-quality community clinic had the potential to transform families and communities. And they set out to create a model that would endure. Founded in 2009, C2C’s early years were dedicated to solving the infrastructure and resource challenges of healthcare delivery in Haiti. After the devastating Haitian earthquake in 2010, C2C’s containerized clinic model served over 40,000 people in Port-au-Prince. With our partners and patients, we learned about the persistent challenges of supply chain maintenance, human resources for health, and financial sustainability. We partnered with the government on Namibia to launch a specialty clinic for reproductive health. Over the course of our founding years, we embraced an ethos of learning, listening, iteration, and agility.

Today, C2C operates a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with Haiti’s Ministry of Health.  Together, we seized an opportunity to join forces through a PPP that would – rather than launch new clinics to fill service delivery gaps – rehabilitate existing underperforming government clinics across the country by adopting C2C’s management and operational structure. 

All of our clinics are “one-stop-shop” community clinics that offer consultation with a physician, a fully-stocked pharmacy, and a diagnostic lab on-site. C2C clinics operate as social enterprises – driven by the belief that long-term health impact is undergirded by confronting the very real challenges of financial solvency. This network of community clinics is expanding rapidly across northern Haiti: each clinic functioning as a community business, managed by local staff and clinicians, working within the larger healthcare ecosystem to demonstrate that access to basic care, prevention education, and community support can be transformative and can save lives.

Watch C2C’s Healthcare Model in Action: