Just Three Days Until Clinic Staff Arrive!

In three short days, the new staff members of C2C’s Camp Coq clinic will report for duty! Activities next week will focus on staff orientation and training in advance of the clinic’s opening. C2C’s Global Program Manager, Julia Maxwell, and Haiti Country Manager, Dr. Jean Calvaire, are on-site this week preparing the clinic for staff training and opening day.

They are unpacking furniture, equipment, and supplies from inside the containers and converting the space into a first-class medical facility. C2C believes treating patients in a welcoming, clean, professional setting builds respect and trust between the organization and the communities we serve lexapro pill.  When patients step into our clinics, the consultation areas look just like any doctor’s office in the U.S.

Medical supplies and pharmaceuticals are in-stock for the first patient visits and the final clinic set-up is underway.  Local tradesmen are working with Julia and Dr. Calvaire to connect the water and electrical systems, install air conditioners and a propane vaccine refrigerator, and set up the computer and inventory management system.

When the staff members arrive for their first day of work on Monday morning, they’ll be introduced to their new workplace: a fully-functional medical clinic awaiting patients!  Check the blog next week to meet clinic staff…

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