Kits for Kids and Moms

This past fall, C2C began a new project: Kits for Kids and Moms. Our aim is to create item drives to be held at middle schools and high schools so we can provide basic toiletry and medical supplies for Mothers and their children when they visit our clinics in Haiti.

The items we are collecting range from simple children’s toys to personal hygiene items, such as toothbrushes and soap. We will also be collecting items for new mothers, such as baby powder and swaddling clothes. Our clinic staff will hand out these kits to our waiting patients, improving the experience.

Leah and Kailah, community-minded cousins serving as C2C interns since last fall, have put together a list of approved items as well as instructions for completing a drive of your own. This packet will be mailed to schools in the surrounding area, so that students interested in helping have the opportunity to do so. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact C2C at 617-559-1032 or info[at]care2communities[dot]org.

So far, Charles River School and the Needham High School French Club are collecting items and assembling Kits for Kids and Moms.  We look forward to working with many other groups in the coming months.


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