New Technology to Improve Clinic Experience

C2C is happy to announce we have begun Phase 1 of a technology upgrade at our Camp Coq clinic.  We’ve partnered with Vecna Cares, a Cambridge-based organization, which provides training and technology to support and strengthen health systems in underserved areas.  This partnership was made possible, in part, by a gift from The Funding Network.

Earlier this month, C2C’s Global Programs Manager Julia Maxwell, along with Vecna Cares’ Executive Director Deborah Theobald and Program Manager Emily Wang, flew down to Camp Coq, Haiti to set up the new CliniPAK system at the C2C clinic.  The CliniPAK (Clinical Patient Administration Kit) will allow C2C’s team of doctors, nurses and community health workers to record and report data on a patient’s visit, diagnoses, and prescriptions, using laptops and tablets.

“The clinic staff is incredibly excited about the implementation of the Vecna system.  As soon as they started training on the system, they realized just how much more time they would have to focus on patients instead of paperwork,” said Maxwell.

C2C clinic staff will now be able to track the medical histories of thousands of patients, giving us the opportunity to make more effective clinical decisions, build strong long-term relationships with our patients, and spot community health trends that warrant attention.  Noticeable trends will lead to tailored health education sessions and home visits by C2C’s Community Health Workers (CHWs).

Later this year, the CHWs will also begin using CliniPAK in the field.  Phase 2 of this project will include CliniPAK Lite programs for CHWs, which will allow for more efficient surveys and home follow-up visits as well as capture data from health education sessions in the community.

This entry was posted on by Allison Howard-Berry.