C2C Diagnoses and Treats 4-year-old Boy, Ending Long Search for a Solution

“The clinic is very important to the community,” said Ronel, a Camp Coq local, after a visit  to C2C’s clinic with his son, Marvens.

The 4-year-old boy suffered from frequent fevers and cough and his parents had taken him to the hospital in Limbé (approximately half an hour from Camp Coq on a motorcycle taxi) a number of times.  There, doctors had run chest x-rays and a battery of other tests, but hadn’t been able to accurately diagnose Marvens.  The best the doctors could tell them was the cause was probably something coming from the river near their home in Camp Coq.

When C2C’s Camp Coq clinic opened, Marvens and his parents decided to try again to get appropriate treatment.  Here, the doctor was able to perform a lab test and come up with a diagnosis: it was a parasite that was making the little boy sick.  Marvens  and his parents were able to see the doctor, access lab tests and quick results, and purchase healing pharmaceuticals in one spot, and Marvens was soon feeling better.

Ronel said, “The clinic is very important for the population.  They prescribe you what is most important and explain to you how to take the medicine when you get home.  I find the treatment here to be better.”

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