Attention to Community Feedback Ensures Quality Care

How can C2C ensure our patients have the best possible experience at our clinic?  We work toward that goal every day, most recently sending our Community Health Workers (CHWs) to talk with past patients as well as Camp Coq community members who have not yet been to the clinic.  Their goal was to identify what we are doing well and where we can improve.

CHWs interviewed more than 60 patients and potential patients; half had visited the clinic and half had not.  The results were truly encouraging: 97% of users said that they will visit the C2C clinic next time they or someone in their family is sick, and 100% said they would recommend the C2C clinic to family and friends.  Why?  A good pharmacy, quality care, and kind staff were the top three reasons patients mentioned for choosing or recommending C2C.

Interviewees who had not yet visited the clinic said they had heard from friends and neighbors about the quality care and good pharmacy.  The number one reason for not having gone to the clinic was simply that they had not been sick, and 94% of non-users questioned said they would choose the C2C clinic next time they or a family member need to see a doctor.

Allison Howard-Berry, Director of Global Operations and Partnerships, said, “Our clinic staff and U.S.-based team will use this data to examine how we can achieve our goal to offer the highest-quality experience.  Patient feedback is essential to C2C clinic operations, and we’re very pleased that after less than one year in Camp Coq, almost 100% of our patients are satisfied with the care they receive.”

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