Summer Intern, Lauren Benoit, Reflects On Her Time With C2C

 Working in the non-profit field gives me a sense of satisfaction that no other job can. This summer I was able to intern at Care 2 Communities. It has been an opportunity to absorb much knowledge, both about non-profits and global health.

During my time with C2C, I’ve learned skills that will help me in the office and in the classroom. The majority of my work at C2C was focused around Salesforce. Before this internship I had no clue as to what Salesforce was. I have since become very familiar with it, and I know that an in-depth knowledge of databases will be helpful to me in the future. In between data projects, I enjoyed several research projects. Topics included peer organizations and grant research, as well as learning about services for the base of the pyramid and how to create demand for primary care in developing communities.

As a rising sophomore at Northeastern University, I am still trying to find my niche in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business. The information that I learned during my research projects  has given me an introduction to what I will be learning this fall; and it was even better that I could relate my findings to a real-world context.

In addition to all of the skills I have gained through this experience I witnessed first-hand what it takes to manage a non-profit. Interning at C2C, I have met some wonderful ladies who are passionate, hardworking, and dedicated to all of the C2C clinics and patients. I sat in on staff meetings and heard many stories of the struggles and successes of keeping C2C alive.  These women are resilient, and are always looking forward to the next time they open a clinic for a community in need.

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