How does C2C ensure that the Camp Coq community understands the quality of our services?

Many people think that advertising for essential services like healthcare isn’t necessary. However, people in poor and under-resourced communities make shrewd and thoughtful choices about how to invest in their health.  It is C2C’s job to communicate that our services are high-quality, affordable, and that our patients’ health and satisfaction are our top priorities.

C2C is working to establish brand recognition in the Camp Coq community and beyond. Marketing information in Haiti is disseminated through many traditional but powerful channels: announcements in churches on Sundays, flyers at the local market, radio spots, and, of course,  word of mouth.

At C2C, we have a special commitment to “accueil”, a Kreyol word that translates directly as “welcome,” but more broadly conveys a sense of hospitality. Our staff members treat patients with kindness and respect from the moment they walk in the door and that differentiates C2C from other service providers. We are integrating “accueil” into the C2C brand identity in Camp Coq and at all our future clinics in northern Haiti.

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