Haiti – and C2C’s First Clinic – Five Years Later

On January 12, 2010, an earthquake hit Haiti and left, by some estimates, more than 300,000 people dead.  C2C was in its infancy then, preparing to ship its first clinic fabricated from shipping containers to a community in the Dominican Republic.

We received a call requesting that we redirect the containers to Port-au-Prince, where the City’s largest provider of maternal and child health care, Grace Children’s Hospital, had seen more than 80% of its examination areas and hospital rooms reduced to rubble.

Thus began C2C’s partnership with Grace, a five-year effort that gives us the opportunity to celebrate:

  • 20,000+ patient visits
  • 1,500+ ultrasounds to detect potential pregnancy risks and gynecological disorders
  • 3,500+ home visits by trained Community Health Workers
  • 5,000+ new enrollees in free family planning programs
  • A successful rebuilding effort for Grace Children’s Hospital

    We are incredibly grateful to our partners at Grace.  Together, we have provided quality perinatal care in a safe, respectful setting and built a robust community health education program to support that care.  We are delighted that the hospital has been able to rebuild most of its infrastructure, and no longer has a need for the exam, lab, and pharmacy spaces in the containers.Looking to the next five years and beyond, these containers will be refurbished to bring care to thousands more families in a new location in Northern Haiti, where C2C is conducting market research to determine the best community for our newest clinic.Haiti is resilient.  Although there is much left to do, much has been accomplished following the devastating quake.  As the country continues to rebuild, C2C prepares to serve a new community, bringing high-quality, affordable primary care and free community health education to families in need.Today, and always, our thoughts are with those who lost loved ones in this horrific tragedy and we look forward to being part of Haiti’s bright future.

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