Opening Day is Almost Here!

Care 2 Communities is excited to announce that our newest clinic is scheduled to open May 4, 2015! The clinic, equipped with an exam room, laboratory, and pharmacy, will be located in Acul du Nord in Northern Haiti, serving a community of 50,000 residents.

Months of preparation have gone into this opening. Since January, our team in Haiti has accomplished a great deal:

  • 528 household surveys, 4 focus groups, and 18 key stakeholder interviews have been completed, illuminating health care needs in Acul du Nord, as well as service and pricing expectations.
  • 1 site has been secured, through C2C’s partnership with the Mayor’s office in Acul du Nord and the Ministry of Health in Haiti’s Northern Department.
  • 2 Shipping Containers (containing exam spaces as well as room and equipment for a full laboratory and pharmacy) have been rehabbed and moved from our previous location in Port-au-Prince (where they are no longer necessary) to the prepared site in Acul du Nord.
  • 12 Local Advisory Committee members have been recruited and are currently advising C2C on service mix, opening events, pricing, and more.
  • 2 Community Health Workers have been hired and trained, and are currently visiting at least 15 households every day to share health and clinic information with families in Acul du Nord and the surrounding area.
  • 1 doctor, 2 nurses, and 1 lab technician, have been hired in Acul du Nord, and can’t wait to begin training and work on April 20th!
  • 1 well is being drilled to supply the clinic with clean, fresh water.

This clinic would not have been possible without the generous support of a number of alumni from the College of the Holy Cross and the Emerging Markets Trade Association, to whom we are truly grateful!

Check back later in the month for more updates on the Acul du Nord clinic, and feedback from opening day!

This entry was posted on by Allison Howard-Berry.