CHW Training: Week Two

Week One of CHW training ended on a high note with vaccination practice, led by Dr. Sévère and Miss Noël, Auxiliary Nurse at the Acul du Nord clinic.

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During Week Two, we were honored to host Miss Rose Edith, a midwife and nurse at MamaBaby Haiti. She took the time to talk to the staff about looking after mother and child after birth, breastfeeding, and child nutrition after 6 months. The staff had the opportunity to discuss myths and misconceptions regarding childbirth and childcare that are still prevalent in Haiti. Miss Edith also shared how to properly address these issues with mothers. Her input added great insight to the training!

We also welcomed Dr. Thal, C2C’s OBGYN, who talked about HIV and other STIs, as well as different forms of contraception.

The CHWs spent the rest of the week practicing the education portion of the community health training and screenings, according to new requirements. Some of the subjects covered were about cholera, the importance of clean water and how to treat it.

To cap off the two-week training, we practiced with the new data collection tools and how to conduct postpartum visits. We concluded our time with a discussion about the qualities that make a great CHW.

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