Clinic Launch Series: Part 5 of 5- Grand Opening of the New Clinic!


Dear Friends,

After several months of planning and hard work, we are excited to announce that the newly renovated C2C Sinek clinic is finally open to the public! The opening of this clinic marks an important milestone in Haiti’s healthcare sector.

While this is the 4th clinic in C2C’s growing network, it is the first clinic re-opening project as part of a new public-private partnership (PPP) strategy to rehabilitate underperforming government clinics across the country. This innovative partnership with Haiti’s government allows C2C to identify flagging public clinics and give them a “new life” of operational excellence and health impact.

Step Five: Strengthen the relationship between the clinic and Sinek community to effectively address and meet community needs


Dr. Jasmin addressing the community members and staff at new Sinek clinic grand opening


In an effort to ensure a smooth transition at Sinek, we invited the community to attend the grand opening ceremony last week. Many community members were in attendance, as well as local government leaders and the Director of the Northern Department at the Haitian Ministry of Health, Dr. Ernst-Robert Jasmin. All attendees got the opportunity to take a tour of the clinic and learn about its new and wide-ranging services. In his opening remarks, Dr. Jasmin said:

“When the Ministry of Health embarked on this partnership with C2C, I was happy to learn that the Sinek clinic would get a second chance to serve the community here. Prior to the transformation, the pharmacy did not carry many medications and the lab didn’t have electricity or equipment. I am so pleased to see not only the physical transformation of the clinic but that this partnership gives hope to other clinics that are also struggling. This is something that can be replicated not only in the northern part of the country, but throughout Haiti.” 

We began the journey to transform the Sinek clinic by leveraging the assets the Ministry of Health already had in place. While a clinic building already stood at the site, its infrastructure was in very poor condition. As construction got underway to ensure a proper foundation, we also trained newly-hired and current staff members to standardize clinic operations and to integrate electronic medical records at Sinek.

The “before” and “after” photos (below) illustrate the transformation process of the Sinek clinic: 


Clinic Renovation

BEFOREDespite the best efforts of the government to staff and equip the clinic,
there simply isn’t enough public funding to pay salaries, secure the supply chain,
or provide electricity or running water.
AFTER: As C2C took over this flagging public clinic, we mitigated structural and
many other physical issues to the existing site. The renovation process has already
given the clinic a “new life”.


Patient Waiting Area

BEFORE: Sinek is a rural community with a population living below Haiti’s poverty
line (less than $2/day). They lack access to basic goods and services, like clean
water and reliable healthcare.
AFTER: By renovating the clinic, such as the patient waiting area, we are working
hard to ensure that this new and improved Sinek clinic will be a hub for local
families and meet their health needs.




BEFORE: Under government management, the clinic regularly
experienced stock-outs because of failures up the supply chain.
AFTER: Under C2C’s model, we guarantee a reliable supply chain to
ensure that the pharmacy is always fully-stocked with essential meds.


BEFORE                                        AFTER


Consultation Room

BEFORE                                          AFTER

Stay tuned as we bring you more news about the clinic and patient stories in the coming months. But first, we need your help in getting the word out about our first PPP clinic opening! if you could take just a moment to do the following:

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