We opened the FIRST clinic in a NEW Department in Haiti

Dear Friends, 

This past summer, we announced that we would be expanding our clinic network to a new department in Haiti. After a rocky year of civil unrest, road blockades, and fuel shortages that threatened the country’s stability, we decided to move forward and open our first clinic site in the Northeast Department of Haiti. 

Before we sought to rehabilitate government clinics in the Northeast Department, we formalized a newly forged public-private partnership (PPP) between C2C and the department’s Ministry of Health. After several meetings throughout the last few months, we decided that it was best to rehabilitate a government clinic in Roche Plate. 

Roche Plate, a communal section of Trou-du-Nord, is a small community of 13,750 people and is approximately 80 minutes from Cap-Haitien.

Map of the C2C clinic network. Our newest clinic, Roche Plate, is in yellow.
Map of the C2C clinic network. Our newest clinic, Roche Plate, is in yellow.

Although the site was already an established government clinic, it was in bad physical shape, lacked essential medications, had a very low patient volume, and overworked yet underpaid staff. We knew that by taking it on as a PPP clinic, we could infuse it with C2C’s operational excellence and ensure that patients have access to quality care in their own community, as well as a fully-stocked pharmacy that has all the necessary medications.

Before & After Renovations:

Prior to the transformation, the laboratory did not have electricity or equipment. The lab technician is now able to perform all lab tests on-site with all the necessary equipment and with an emphasis on high-quality service while meeting national lab standard protocols. 

We introduced our Electronic Medical Records system to Roche Plate, just as we transition each clinic from a purely “pen and paper” system for patient records, procurement, and administration to a completely electronic system that tracks a wider breadth and depth of data, including patient diagnoses, treatments, clinic-patient interaction, lab tests, prescriptions, treatment results, and all business and financial data.

Before renovations, the clinic did not have a private room for patient consultations. Since our model focuses on a patient-centered approach, our doctors and nurses meet with each patient individually and develop a treatment plan. Each patient visit is guided by quality assurance protocols to which our medical staff adheres.

Stay tuned to learn more about Roche Plate’s progress and the ways it continues to serve the community! 

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