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Global Maternal Health Conference 2013

C2C is dedicated to expanding the global health conversation to include new health care delivery methods that achieve sustainability over time.  We believe that encouraging discussion and innovation in maternal health issues is absolutely critical to generating new solutions for women and babies around the world.

Luckily, we are in good company!  This month, the Global Maternal Health Conference was held in Arusha, Tanzania.  The conference, which promotes the sharing of ideas, innovations, and information in the field of maternal health, featured almost 700 presenters and participants.

The Conference website contains materials for most of the presentations that took place, and is a great resource for everyone interested in current maternal health issues.  For example, this presentation examines improving knowledge of birth preparedness in Bihar, India.

To view the resources from the conference and join the conversation, take a look at the conference website here.

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Maternal Health and Economic Health

Did you know that the global impact of maternal ill health on economic productivity is estimated to be over 15 billion USD per year? The consequences of lack of access to prenatal care are destructive at all levels: for a woman and her unborn baby, for her family and the community, and for economic health of nations. Simple interventions save lives and have the potential to build a healthier economic future for millions of people living in poverty around the globe.

Read more about this important research in Sri Lanka here.

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