International Women's Day 2013

At C2C, women are at the heart of everything we do.  Our clinics, which specialize in maternal care, ensure that women stay healthy so that they can care for their families and be leaders in their communities.  Today is International Women’s Day, which gives us a special opportunity to honor and thank women around the world who do so much for their communities each day.

UN Women has also chosen to honor women today, through the art of music.  They’ve teamed up with women from many countries to create One Woman, a song “that inspires listeners to join the drive for women’s rights and gender equality”.  It’s a beautiful song that features singer Emeline Michel of Haiti, among others.

We encourage you, in honor of this holiday, to talk to someone today about the challenges that women face and C2C’s dedication to keeping them healthy.

This entry was posted on by Allison Howard-Berry.