Follow the Journey From Fabrication to Opening Day and Beyond

What does it take to open a primary care clinic in Haiti?  Join us as we work to open our newest clinic – from fabrication to opening day and beyond, follow what happens on our blog.  We hope you will ask questions and offer suggestions and support along the way.

Let’s start with where we’ve been:

Clinic Fabrication

C2C Clinic InteriorOur fabricator in Miami started with an empty shipping container.  He added high windows for ventilation that preserves privacy; then he added flooring, shelves, cabinetry, and doors until the interior looked just like any other doctor’s office.  Medical equipment, including examination tables, lab equipment, and other necessary items, was packed inside the clinic.  This entire process takes up to 6 weeks.

Site Research/Decision

1044127_444444092329886_1404156843_nC2C spent many months researching potential clinic locations in Haiti, suggested by the Ministry of Health and other nonprofit organizations.  C2C chose Camp Coq because there was need, a population large enough to support a clinic, and community support for a clinic.  C2C conducted in-depth community research – focus groups, door-to-door surveys, community leadership interviews – early in 2013 before finalizing the site.

Now where we are:

Shipping and Site Preparation

From our fabricator’s site in Miami, the clinic will soon travel more than 600 miles to its new home – Camp Coq, Haiti.  Workers are preparing the site for the clinic, placing concrete footings to hold it in place, and leveling the grounds.

999017_444444032329892_1272415476_nCommunity Steering Committee

A steering committee is in place, comprised of 11 Camp Coq community leaders, to guide C2C’s entry into the community and serve as ambassadors for the organization to their neighbors and friends.

  • And finally, where we’re going in the next few weeks – we hope you will check back often for news! Health Education Staff Hiring

Clinic Staff Hiring

Staff Training and Orientation

Community Outreach

Clinic Opening

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