Clinic leaving Miami. Now Bound for Camp Coq, Haiti!

C2C is delighted to share that our third clinic will soon be on its way to Camp Coq, a community in Northern Haiti.
People living in Camp Coq now must travel hours to receive high-quality medical care for themselves and their children; C2C will bring care closer, make it much less expensive, and create a sustainable community asset in Camp Coq that will serve women and children in the community for years to come.
This clinic will be staffed with local Haitian physicians, nurses, a lab tech, and community health workers, and will serve between 6,000 and 8,000 patients in its first year of operations.
Special thanks to all who donated to make this clinic possible for the people of Camp Coq, especially Jack Connors, Gerald Sheehan, guests at a fall 2012 event hosted by Jack, Gerald, and Sue and Bernie Pucker, members of C2C’s 50 Women group, Ruthie Barker and Kathryn Sargent, the Emerging Markets Trade Association, and American Global Logistics.
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