Meet the Camp Coq Clinic Staff!

C2C is truly excited to introduce our new clinic staff in Camp Coq!  Each lives in the community they are now serving, and they are thrilled to be part of C2C’s new clinic – working to make health care more accessible in Northern Haiti.

After a competitive recruitment process, these individuals were chosen to lead service delivery at the C2C Camp Coq clinic. Dr. Francois Lukenson, a general physician, and Ms. Herlande Duvot, a nurse, will provide consultation and care to our patients. Mr. Fusley Laguerre is an experienced laboratory technician, who will manage all of the diagnostic services at the clinic.  Ms. Jocelyne Joseph, an auxiliary nurse, will greet patients, check them in and take medical histories, and manage patient flow.

All four individuals have impressive resumés and bring significant experience to their new positions.

Dr. Lukenson has served patients in Northern Haiti for more than a decade. He previously worked for Médecins Sans Frontières, Caritas, and Hôpital St. Jean, and has traveled to Montreal twice for trainings in mental health and family medicine.  His passion is community health, and he has experience managing HIV/AIDS, TB and cholera treatment programs. Dr. Francois hails from the northern community of Pilate and completed his social service at Saint Louis du Nord. He completed his medical training in the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at Université D’Etat D’Haïti.

Ms. Duvot is a qualified nurse who completed her Bachelor of Nursing degree at the School of Nursing, Our Lady of Wisdom (EINDS), in Cap-Haitien, Haiti in 2010. She has completed post-graduate training in many topics, including HIV/AIDS, diabetes care, infectious disease, and blood transfusion safety. Nurse Herlande has worked at a number of hospitals and clinics across the northern region since 2007 and has gained notable skills in managing malnutrition programs, caring for people with cholera, and in health education and hygiene promotion.

Mr. Laguerre is a licensed lab technician with extensive technical and management experience in diagnostics. Since 2007, he has been employed at l’Hôpital Espérance de Pilate, most recently as the head of laboratory. He completed his social service in 2006 at Hôpital de la Grande Rivière du Nord. Mr. Laguerre completed his education in 2005 and obtained a degree from École Nationale de Technologie Médicale du Cap-Haitien. As a trainee at a national PEPFAR site, Mr. Laguerre received extensive training through the Haitian Ministry of Health, the Clinton Foundation, and Catholic Relief Services.

Ms. Joseph has worked as an auxiliary nurse since she completed her initial training at École Bethesda de Fort Liberté in 2003. She has worked in Camp Coq before, and is from Northern Haiti.  She enjoys talking with patients and learning about their health histories, and is looking forward to being part of the clinic team – working together to achieve a goal.

C2C is already so impressed with these staff members in action, and is eager to share more of their stories with you in the future.

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