C2C Intern, Leah Ciffolillo, shares her experience

I began volunteering weekly at C2C in the fall of 2013, and I’ve spent the past three weeks completing a more intensive internship with the organization. During my time here, I have worked on a number of projects with different members of the staff. My first project, which I worked on with my cousin and fellow intern, Kailah, involved helping organize an item drive at a nearby high school for kits for kids who visit the clinics in Haiti. The kits include items like coloring books, colored pencils, and stickers – a few small things to show kids that there are people thinking about them when they’re sick.

When I began my intensive internship a few weeks ago, I worked with Julia, C2C’s Global Programs Manager, to enter and help analyze data that came directly from the clinics. I also did a number of research projects, on topics including social media, TED talks and peer organizations in global health. I learned a great deal about non-profit work and business models.

Over the school year, I have seen immense growth at C2C in a short period of time. From the new office in Newton Centre, to the rebranding of Containers 2 Clinics to Care 2 Communities, and to the implementation of better technology at the Camp Coq Clinic, C2C has had an incredible year. I am heading to college in August, and although I won’t be able to continue my work with C2C, I can’t wait to see what they do and how they expand their programs.

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