C2C Participates in Community Writing Contest

Spelling bees and writing contests have gained popularity in schools throughout Haiti, and Care 2 Communities is thrilled to have sponsored a local writing contest in Camp Coq lipitor dosage.

The contest took place as part of preparation for the upcoming Parish Week Festivities (an annual, week-long celebration of the founding of the Parish of Marie Médiatrice, next door to C2C’s clinic).  Students from various schools in the Northern area participated in the contest, sponsored by C2C and held at Bethesda School in Camp Coq.

C2C’s Lab Technician, Fusley Laguerre, and Nurse, Herlande Duvot, organized the contest, and students, parents and spectators were given a tour of our Camp Coq clinic before the contest began.

Following their tour, the students gathered at Bethesda School where the writing prompt (which had been kept secret to all, including the teachers) was revealed.   The prompt was then read to the class, and each student had to write it down, word for word.

When the contest was over, all the students’ writing was read and graded carefully, accounting for proper spelling and accents (as the prompts are in French).  First-, second- and third-place winners were announced to the community at the Parish Day Mass (winners pictured above).

C2C is proud to be a part of this vibrant community.  Hosting events like this writing contest ensure that our neighbors know how important they – and Camp Coq – are to C2C and show our deep commitment to children and families.

This entry was posted on by Allison Howard-Berry.