C2C and partner offer HIV testing

This year’s Parish Day in Camp Coq, the celebration of the founding of the Parish of Marie Médiatrice, included a special partnership between Care 2 Communities and St. Jean Hospital (which is the nearest hospital to C2C’s clinic).

Team members from St. Jean traveled to our clinic to offer free HIV/AIDS testing to Camp Coq locals.  The event was a complete success, with more than 150 people lining up to be tested!

Dr. Jean-Eric Calvaire, C2C’s Haiti Country Manager, said, “This is a great C2C/St. Jean Hospital collaboration. The HIV testing day allows people who would never pay for the transportation to go to the hospital to be tested in their neighborhood for free. And the people who were diagnosed are now in touch with St Jean Hospital for better care. Those people might never know their positive HIV status if C2C had not sought out this partnership.”

Because HIV/AIDS testing and treatment is a very serious, and organized process globally, C2C is partnering with St. Jean Hospital to ensure our patients receive the safest and most responsible care.

The partnership is scheduled to continue, with St. Jean team members visiting the Camp Coq clinic on the first and third Tuesday of each month to test pregnant C2C patients.  This testing is part of C2C’s new antenatal care program, and we are grateful to be able to offer it to the community.

This entry was posted on by Allison Howard-Berry.