C2C Solicits Community Feedback to Location for First New Clinic in 2015

C2C has been conducting market research in northern Haiti for the past 6 weeks to identify a community for our next clinic. The feedback loop between patients and C2C is strong at our Camp Coq clinic, and we’ve learned what patients value most about the care they receive from us: quality services, caring and attentive staff, and affordable pricing.

We’re asking the same questions of our prospective clients: What do you look for in a health facility? What services do you and your family need? How do you know that the care you are receiving is good? This information is the foundation for C2C’s social business model. Community-based research is a combination of art and science. For that reason, C2C devotes a significant amount of time to the research phase. We ensure that we are hearing and integrating feedback from families across the social-economic spectrum as we make decisions.

What we hear most often is that the quality of health care services in Haiti varies widely. So often, clients are disappointed in their health service providers because the facilities do not have adequate equipment or inventory and because they are not treated well. A positive patient experience is at the heart of the C2C clinic model and we listen closely to the perspective of our partner communities. This week, C2C is conducting more than 500 household surveys (using tablet-based technology) to capture feedback from Haitian people directly about what they most want in their healthcare experience. The thoughts and opinions these families are sharing will directly impact the location of our next clinic as well as the services we offer. We’re looking forward to sharing with you once our new location is determined!

This entry was posted on by Allison Howard-Berry.