Recycled Shipping Containers Provide Flexible Solutions

One of the key aspects of C2Cā€™s innovative solution is our use of flexible infrastructure solutions ā€“ converted shipping containers. They are easily sourced, can be packed with all necessary inventory before they are shipped to their final location, and provide straightforward site installation.

For our patients, the container clinics are clean, durable enough to last many years, and allow for a respectful setting to receive care.

Shipping containers are a popular alternative to traditional construction. Many organizations have realized the benefits of retrofitting a container. One example is fellow Boston-based organization Freight Farms. Freight Farms ā€œcreates cloud-connected hydroponic farms made from insulated shipping containersā€. Their network serves local food producers, ranging from restaurants to food entrepreneurs.

Flexible building solutions like shipping containers create endless possibilities for organizations serving populations in areas where construction is too difficult or time-consuming. From clinics to farms, even small-scale homes, retrofitted containers are highlighting the importance and convenience of flexible infrastructure.

This entry was posted on by Allison Howard-Berry.