Social Marketing: Building C2C’s Patient Base One Household at a Time

It’s a common misconception that poor families in Haiti don’t have any options when it comes to healthcare services. But most people living in populated areas like cities or towns do have options and the options run the gamut of low and high cost to low and high quality.

C2C clinic’s fill a central gap: low-cost and high-quality. Still, the decision to seek out health services can be complex: household finances are tight and patients can decide to visit traditional herbal medicine healers, or to travel long distances to government hospitals, or – even worse – to wait, and hope that one’s condition improves.

C2C’s social marketing efforts seek to make these decisions easier for poor families. Our community-based staff members (called Community Health Agents) go household to household, providing health education and answering questions about the C2C clinic’s services, pricing, and the “C2C patient experience”.

Recently, we’ve been experimenting with a community coupon promotion, which we hope will entice new clients to try C2C!

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