What is a Social Enterprise?

Just like a traditional charity, a social enterprise seeks to a achieve a social good or goal. But a social enterprise also seeks to achieve revenue-generating goals for the purpose of ensuring long-term sustainability. For C2C, that social goal is delivering high-quality health services to poor and low-income families in Haiti Full Article.

C2C is a fundamentally “mission-driven” organization which has borrowed elements of a private-sector operating model.  This is because we believe that Haitian families need and deserve a reliable, long-term solution to their health challenges — a solution that cannot be achieved through 100% donor funding.

Poor families are made more vulnerable by inconsistent or unreliable health service providers. We intend to change that. By running our clinics as social enterprises, C2C offers something unique and important to our patients: a guarantee that our low-cost, high-quality services will keep the community healthy.

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