C2C Staff Distributes Life-Saving Supplements to Children in Schools

Earlier this month, our Community Health Agents from the Acul du Nord and Camp Coq C2C clinics visited neighboring schools and pre-schools to distribute single-dose Vitamin A and Albendazole supplementation for children under 5 years old.

With the help of our partner Vitamin Angels, more than 350 children received immunization in the span of two days. Vitamin A can considerably reduce children’s risks of death from infection and diarrhea, and well as it aids in protecting their eyesight. On the other hand, Albendazole helps to boost children’s immune system by combating intestinal worms (de-worming).

Much of Haiti’s population, especially the most vulnerable– children, are infected with intestinal worms. These worms may consume some of their daily nutritional intake, causing malnutrition. In most cases, Haitians are infected by worms due to exposure to raw sewage, lack of clean water and access to health care. For many children, de-worming is the difference between life and death.

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C2C staff distributing vitamins to children in schools


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