An Exciting Start to 2018!

I am very excited to wish you a Happy New Year and to introduce myself to the C2C community of friends and supporters.
My name is Dr. Samuel Bernard and I recently joined the C2C team last month as the Chief Operating Officer. I completed my medical degree at the Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie at the State University of Haiti in 2009 and have completed additional health management studies at Montreal University. Most recently, I served as the Medical Director of the St. Boniface Foundation in southern Haiti.


I am thrilled to join the C2C team in Cap Haitien at this exciting time of growth and expansion. In 2018, we will open 3 new clinics in partnership with the Haitian Ministry of Health, doubling the size of the C2C network in the northern region. Both personally and professionally, I am a believer in C2C’s bold approach: providing the highest quality medical care at affordable prices.

In my country, we need to address urgent health financing challenges. Free care for every citizen, forever, just isn’t feasible and isn’t building the long-term economy. C2C’s is a different approach, we know that. But isn’t it exciting to think: What if a community clinic were a financially sustainable endeavor, delivering medical care today and in perpetuity? What if it didn’t have to rely on aid funding year after year? What if we built a solid economic foundation for the healthcare system in Haiti, rather than patching the holes?

As a physician, originally from Cap Haitien, I am passionate about returning to my home region to make a contribution to improving the health and wellness of people in northern Haiti. Over the past month, I’ve been rolling up my sleeves to get to know the communities we serve, family by family.

I am energized about what this year holds for C2C and invite you to join me in anticipating the achievements you will see us reach as the year unfolds!

Yours truly,

Dr. Samuel Bernard
Chief Operating Officer, C2C

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