Clinic Launch Series: Part 2 of 5- Integrating Electronic Medical Records

As we prepare the new clinic for opening day, C2C is overhauling how patient data is captured and analyzed so that we can offer optimal patient care. Electronic medical records allow us to monitor all aspects of treatment efficacy, increase our ability to support good health over time, and ensure that the sickest and most vulnerable patients receive active follow-up.

Step Two: Investing in systems that support high-quality, long-term care for our patients. 

C2C clinics offer the highest standard of patient care through our customized electronic medical record (EMR) system. Developed in collaboration with the Vecna Cares Charitable Trust, the EMR systems capture all aspects of patient clinical care, doctor-patient interaction, demographic data, diagnoses, prescriptions, and follow-up. Our tablet-based system fosters optimal patient flow at the clinic day-to-day, as patients travel from registration to consultation, to the laboratory and the pharmacy.

Very few medical facilities in Haiti have EMR systems, and we consider this capacity to be crucial to our success. Not only can we focus on each individual’s health trajectory, but we can monitor population health and coordinate effectively with the Haitian Ministry of Health. Our data is our enduring connection with our patients and is the backbone of responsive, patient-centered care.

At Sinek, you can see the “before” photo (below) shows how patient medical records used to be kept. The “after” photos show how our medical staff can quickly and easily capture patient data on tablets and focus, instead, on the patient-clinician interaction.



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