What's in a Tagline?

We’re all familiar with taglines: a short phrase or slogan that seeks to convey information about a business or brand to potential customers. Taglines try to convey something extra about a brand’s “essence” – its core identity or appeal to the consumer. In the Haitian marketplace, this familiar marketing technique is used to sell everything from Coca-Cola to cell phone services.

At C2C, we’re applying the same principles to marketing our health services in the communities we serve. We interviewed dozens of C2C’s patients and community members to understand one simple question: What is the most important thing when you choose your health care provider?

The answers were overwhelmingly similar: people want to feel that their local clinic cares about them. At C2C clinics, we do lots of things to communicate to our patients that we care: our clinicians are welcoming and attentive; our pharmacy is always stocked; and we follow-up with patients 3 days after a visit to ensure that they are feeling better.

These simple actions set C2C apart. And we wanted a tagline to reflect that! We selected the Creole tagline to accompany our logo: “Sante’w se priyorite’n —- Your health is our priority”. And for C2C this isn’t just a tagline on a clinic sign; it defines our patient experience.

This entry was posted on by Allison Howard-Berry.